Yayla Kuzdere – Gedelma / Kuzdere – Gedelma Yol ayrımı

The western route of the Lycian road, which parts from the main road, crosses through forests, gardens and other roads from time to time and eventually reaches the settlement of Gedelma. From the Phaselis area, the road first goes through Kuzdere settlement and follows the main road which passes through the Kesme Strait and its canyon, after which it is connected with the eastern route of the Lycian road which reached Gedelma.
Lycian road, which follows the asphalt road that ascends to Gedelma, parts from it after a few hundred kilometers and continues towards the Göynük Plateau from within the forest. The best place in this section where needs for eating, shopping, etc. can be met is the Gedelma settlement.

Lykai, which is located on the borders of Ovacık village, is positioned 2 kilometers west of Gedelma ,on the north and northeastern skirts of Bölücektaşı Hill at 1276 meters higher than sea level. Lykai is first referred to as the settlement on southeast of Kossara in the Miliarium Lyciae.

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According to the Miliarium Lyciae, the road that runs from Kossara to Lykai and forks into two routes leading to Kithanaura or Pygela. Ruins are generally concentrated in the southeastern and northeastern skirts of the region; the forest watchtower is in the center. On the northeastern skirt there are two exedras with inscriptions, sarcophaguses, unidentified structure ruins and column fragments belonging to the Roman period.
There are wall remains, substantially damaged due to illegal excavations, belonging to Hellenistic and Roman periods on the southeastern skirt of the forest fire tower. On the western slope of the settlement which has a view of a valley of pine trees, some wall remains and architectural fragments belonging to buildings.